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WinS Review Meeting for Zones 4 & 6A on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at Hotel Orchid, Mumbai. The designated participants- District Governors and District WinS Coordinators.

WinS - Key Elements

  • Upgradation of saaitatior facilities in schools ircludir g the construction of child friendly separate toilets for boys and girls wherever required and repairs of existing sanitation facilities.
  • Sufficient group handwashing facilities with soap for students wherein groups of 10- 12 students can wash Lands at the same time.
  • Child friendly Menstrual hygiene Management (MHM) facilities including soap, adequate and private space for changing and disposal of menstrual waste, including ar incinerator and dust bins. Education sessions & training for teachers to impart education to adolescent girls on MHM.
  • Daily provision of child-friendly and sustainable safe drinking water and adequate water for handwashing.
  • Provision of regular suply of cleaning materials, consumables like soap, brooms, brushes, buckets etc. To ensure that the WASH facilities are clean and well maintained.
  • Activities and programs for staff & school children to promote the correct use & maintenance of facilities.
  • BCC messages integrated ia regular curriculum through textbooks, supplementary reading materials, activity based learning methodologies, messages during morning assembly sessions etc.
  • lnstituting/ strengthening of Child Cabinet/ School Management Committee (SMC) to lead WASH initiatives.
  • Awareness amongst teachers, SMC, Panchayat, etc. about requirements for effective facilitation, financing, managing and monitoring of WinS program.